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     Town Planners & Urban Designers

Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company  (DPZ) Architects & Town Planners, Miami, FL.  In its 28th year, DPZ has designed over 250 new towns, regional plans, and community revitalization projects throughout the U.S. and abroad.  (305) 644-1023.  Contact: Senen Antonio

Dover, Kohl & Partners  Miami, FL.  (305) 666-0446.  Contact: Victor Dover 

Jaime Correa and Associates  Miami, FL.  (305) 740-8226.  Contact: Jaime Correa

David M. Schwarz Architectural Services, Inc.  Washington DC.  (202) 862-0777.  Contact: Michael Swartz

Seth Harry and Associates, Inc.  Architects and Planners.  Woodbine, MD.  (410) 489-4725.  Contact:  Patrick Zimmerman 

Allan Shulman Architect  Miami, FL.  (305) 438-0609.  Contact: Allan Shulman

Forum Architecture & Interior Design, Inc  Altamonte Springs, FL.  (407) 830-1400.  Contact: Jennifer Szabo

Farr Associates Architecture and Urban Design  Chicago, IL.  (312) 408-1661.  Contact: Doug Farr

Land Vision, Inc  St. Charles, IL.  (630) 584-0591.  Contact: Walter J. Magdziarz

Historical Concepts - Architects, Planners & Place-Makers, Atlanta, GA.  Drawing from the long-standing principles of traditional planning and design, Historical Concepts offers all the services required to create great places to live, work and play.  Contact: Dawn Fritz, Marketing Manager.  (770) 487-8041.

Downtown Solutions - A Division of Civic Solutions, San Juan Capistrano, CA.  Specializing in Downtown Planning & Design.  Contact: Mark Brodeur, FIUD.  (949) 489-1442.

Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh & Associates - Town Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture, Atlanta, GA.  Contact: William T. Tunnell.  (404) 873-6730.


Allan Shulman Architect  Miami, FL.  Architecture, Urban Design, Historic Preservation.  (305) 438-0609.  Contact: Allan Shulman

Brown Design Studio  
Ridgeland, SC.  (843) 986-9610.  Contact: Eric S. Brown

Engberg Anderson Design Partnership  Milwaukee, WI.  (414) 944-9000.  Contact: Mark Ernst

Garcia Architects  Santa Barbara, CA.  (805) 856-9118.  Contact: Elisa Garcia

SB Architects (Sandy Babcock)  San Francisco, CA and Miami, FL.  Leading designer of urban mixed-use projects around the world including Santana Row in San Jose, California.  (415) 673-8990.  Contact: Jonathan Wyman, Director of Business Development.



Arcadia Land Company  Town Builders and Land Stewards - Potential development partner and operations manager for qualified TNDs.  Contact: William Tucker at (215) 321-5050

Advance Realty Group  Bedminster, NJ.  (908) 719-3000  Contact: Joseph Romano

Green Street Properties  Atlanta, GA.  (404) 879-2230  Contact: Katharine Kelley

Renaissance Partners  West Palm Beach, FL.  Contact: Andrew Aiken

Federal Realty Investment Trust  Rockville, MD.  Contact: Alexander Inglese

     Landscape Architects & Land Planners

J.K Tiller Associates Inc.  Bluffton, SC.  (843) 815-4800.  Contact: James K. Tiller 

FORMA:  Town Planning, Landscape Architecture, GIS Solutions.  California: (949) 660-1900;  Utah: (801) 521-6522.  Contact email:

Genesis Group  Jacksonville, FL.  (904) 730-9360.  Contact: G. Brian Wheeler

CPS Landscape Architecture + Urban Design + Town Planning  Ventura, CA.  (805) 643-8580.  Contact: Curtis Stiles

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin  Watertown, MA.  (617) 924-1770.  Contact: Felipe R. Schwarz, AICP   

   Transit Oriented Development Planners

Center for Transit Oriented Development

Transit Oriented Development Website

     Rail System Planners & Designers

Francisco Ruiz, Rail Station Architect, Washington DC & New York City.  Contact:  Francisco Ruiz

     Transportation Planners

Smart Mobility, Inc.  Norwich, VT.  (802) 649-5422  Contact: Lucinda Gibson

     Traditional House Plans & Pattern Books

Authentic Historical Designs  Jackson, MS.  1-800-426-5628.  Contact: Cecilia Reese Bullock

     Civil Engineers

Timmons Group  Richmond, VA.  (804) 794-3500.  Contact: David Anderson

     Retail Planning and Consulting

Gibbs Planning Group  Birmingham, MI.  (248) 642-4800.  Contact:  Robert Gibbs

Seth Harry and Associates, Inc.  Architects and Planners.  Woodbine, MD.  (410) 489-4725.  Contact:  Patrick Zimmerman

     Marketing & Public Relations

Ken Armstrong & Associates  Memphis, TN.  (901) 238-0885.  Contact: Ken Armstrong


     Renderers & Illustrators

Robert Becker, Conceptual Design Architectural Illustration  Orinda, CA.  (925) 254-4234.  Contact: Robert Becker

     Financial Services

Funders' Network  Strengthening philanthropic funders' abilities to support and connect organizations working to promote smart growth and create livable communities. 

     Legal Services / Advisors

Doris S. Goldstein, Attorney  Jacksonville, FL.  (904) 730-2960.  Contact: Doris Goldstein

King Hershey, P.C.  Kansas City, MO.  Economic development, real estate and land use law.  Bring us your challenge.  (816) 842-3636.  Contact: William B. Moore

     Project Feasibility & Development Consulting

Urban Technics  Okeechobee, FL.  (772) 475-5240.  Contact: John R. Chamberlain

     Transit Oriented Real Estate

Town & Suburban Properties  Washington DC Metro Area  (703) 276-9627  Contact: Mike Pugh

Urban Place  Washington DC Metro Area  (202) 296-1203  Contact Email

     Charrette Services  Minneapolis, MN  (612) 823-1966.  The online compendium of information for the public urban design process.  Contact: Jeff Schommer

The National Charrette Institute  Portland, OR  (503) 233-8486.  Contact: Bill Lennertz

     Other Services

Center for Applied Transect Studies
  Distributor of the free SmartCode

     Job Listings

No listings at this time


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